Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh Canada (Part 1)

 Mamma and her girls 

This last weekend my family, Sean, and I drove
across our northern border into Canada.

S and I were there for a wedding but we couldn't pass down the
opportunity to play tourist around Niagara Falls with the family.

We arrived Friday night to Toronto, Niagara Falls on Saturday,
wedding on Sunday, and because we just couldn't get
enough of it, the Falls again on Monday.

I, of course, went a bit camera crazy which is why
I'll have to share with you our pictures in parts.

I hope you dolls don't mind too much.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Tivoli and an Apology

So there is a reason why I've been AWOL these last couple of weeks.
Actually, make that three reasons.

#1 My clinicals at the hospital have been taking all my free time.
(8-hour clinicals + research hours at the hopital + studying for weekly exam = a VERY exhausted me)
#2 After four years of barely hanging there my computer has said his last goodbyes.
(Nope, no new computer yet... just chilling at the library with a bunch of 5th graders on summer break)
#3 I decided to take time off blogging to truly ask myself what I wanted
to achieve through this blog of mine... then I realized that I've known
all along and that is to simply share with the world the things I love.
(Let's call it my picture journal, shall we?)

I'm sorry dolls and I truly believe this time I'm here to stay.

Here are some pictures from last weekend.
My sistahs came over for a visit which consisted of
ice cream runs at night, the Hunger Games movie at a
classic cinema (My first time watching it, can
you believe it?!?), walking down Michigan Ave.,
 and going to the zoo.

It was a pretty sweet weekend.

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