Sunday, November 6, 2011

Worst Blogger Award goes to...

{It's a beautifully warm(er) night tonight... rare for November and the Midwest}
{My study jams... nothing like the classics}

Hey dolls,
I'm currently sitting on a cute little table at Barnes & Nobles attempting to master 
my Bacteriology skills. Don't worry, I'm not actually growing any pathogenic cultures 
or anything like that... Just studying.
(yay for Tuesday's exam!)

I'm taking a break from it though because I realized that I miss you guys 
a LOT. I feel like I have neglected you lately and for that I'm sorry.
(Now you see why I deserve that award)

Very soon (17 days to be exact) I'll be home for Thanksgiving and two weeks later 
I'll be back for Christmas break and then I will have much more to share with 
you than just my latest exams and how sleeping has become my favorite hobby.

Just hold in there darlings, I'll be back soon.


Liesl said...

You are not the worst blogger and please know we miss you too, but completely understand! :) I'll be here when you return and I hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are lovely and relaxing, just as you deserve! All the best on your will rock them!

Liesl :)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Study hard, friend! We understand!!

Your study jams, are my favorite kinds of jams, too. :)

Have a lovely night! xo

♥ Nadine said...

All the best with your exams! Don't worry too much about us - it happens to the best, not? Sometimes real life is a little bit more important, not? ;-)

Lots of love. xo.

Stefany said...

That Barnes and Noble looks amazing, I love working in big book shops like that :) Good luck with your exam x

Danielle and Trev said...

Your blog is seriously too cute. Following now! And good luck with all the school craziness!

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