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Thursday, September 29, 2011

From Europe, With Love

My Clinical Chemistry professor just told us we are his 
favorite senior class EVER!

OK, he did not

But he might as well have since he gave us all 
chocolate fresh from the Europe
(Because we all know that's where it's best).

We like him.


Dianna said...


Lex C. said...

ahhh i love european chocolate!! every time i go to greece, my family sends me back with TONS of chocolate because they know me and my brother are vultures hahaha

Stephanie said...

Anything is better when it comes from Europe. : )

Lidiya said...

Those chocolates look super delicious :)

meme-and-he said...

ahh send me some! I bet it is delicious!

Pink Sun Drops said...

As if I wasn't hungry enough already, now I am STARVING. A trip to World Market for the closest thing without going to Europe sounds in order. Yay for being a fav class :) ! xo

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

YUM! I bet you probably are his favorite class?! Why else would he choose to share those delicious treats, right? ;)

Happy Week to you, Beautiful!! xo


nomm nomm :) I looove chocolates !
really nice blog!