Monday, August 22, 2011

Budget Travel Tips from the Traveling Triplets

Hello! We are Kylie, Lisa and Megan – three identical triplets from Traveling Triplets! As sisters who share an obsession for exploring and adventure, we are constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to make our dreams happen. We don’t have a lot of money but we do have a lot of motivation – and that is how we always seem to find a way out of the country to see what else is out there.
If you are among those people who would love to travel but can’t seem to find the money to do it, then maybe you can consider a few changes to your lifestyle. We crave a change of scenery or pace once in a while. People need an occasional escape. If you really want to ride a camel in Morocco, then you can find a way to make it happen. When you feel a desire to do something, you need to make a decision and take action.

Making a decision doesn’t limit options – it changes the new choices you get to make. Many people make decisions that may lead them to thinking they are now unable to do the things they dream of, or they get stuck in the mindset that their dreams are only achievable when they have enough money or time. We understand that everyone has different circumstances, but that does not leave you without a choice. You do not have to think your options are limited. Now is the time to re-evaluate your thinking! No excuses!
Helpful budgeting hint: if you are able to put aside 10% of your monthly income into a savings account every month, you will seriously be amazed at the new options available to you! If you’d rather put aside ten dollars a week or fifty dollars a month, you can be one step closer to your dream vacation or trip around the world. It’s all possible with a little discipline and budgeting.

Personally, Traveling Triplets keeps a monthly budget and spending template. If you’d like a copy, shoot us an email and we’d love to help you out! Keeping track of where your money is going can help you keep track of where you want it to go. Instead of spending $50 on a cute pair of shoes, save the $50 for a week of beach bungalows in Thailand! The choice is yours.   
We hope this inspires some of you to stop wishing and hoping and start doing and planning. The world is full of possibilities, and your life does not have to be limited to your immediate surroundings. Get out and explore – and save a few pennies along the way! Stop by Traveling Triplets and follow our adventures around the world! We hope it inspires you, and reminds you that anything is possible. If we can do it, then you can do it.


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Traveling Triplets said...

yahoo! thank you for this opportunity, mariel! love it and love your blog!


C + L said...

YAY thank you so much mariel! this is awesome!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

I crave travel constantly. I need to become proactive about finding a way to travel the world!

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