Saturday, May 8, 2010


Thank You Mom...

  1. For homeschooling me for 6 years... as well as my two sisters
  2. For teaching me how to cook rice and laundry, dishes,  and pass the vacuum in way so that the carpet looks like the pretty lawn in a baseball field (or golf course).
  3. For calling me at least once a day, everyday, since I left to go to boarding schools... 4 years ago
  4. For always giving me the best advice... thus giving me the wisdom to pass it down
  5. For coming to my room every night I am home to give me a goodnight kiss  
  6. For taking me to gymnastics practice, swimming lessons, volleyball practice, and violin/voice lessons as I was growing up
  7. For always encouraging me to accomplish my dreams

"Estoy muy orgullosa y contenta de llamarte mama.
Te amo mucho,
My mom and I almost seventeen years ago... isn't she beautiful? 

...Happy Mother's Day Darlings!


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh so beautiful! I love the photo too:)
Have a great day,dear!

Shauna Aliza said...

Aw... she is absolutely beautiful. I love your list of thanks.. so sweet.

Lanie said...

What a gorgeous photo! My mom calls me everyday too.. I thought I was the only one! :P

Red High Heels and Pearls said...

awhh this is such a beautiful pictures. Mothers are a blessing :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think this may be the sweetest tribute I have ever read!! :)

allie said...

This is so sweet. Your mom is very lucky! (ps. I was homeschooled for about six years too! My mom also homeschooled all four of my other siblings. I love that we have this in common Mariel!)

Marcie said...

Adorable picture!


Chelsea Robbins said...

what a wonderfully-adorable photo of your mom!

Orgullo Hispano said...

She is not just a great mom, she is a great woman in general. We are so lucky to have her!

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